Sclerotherapy For Thread Or Spider Veins

Micro-Sclerotherapy for Thread or Spider Veins

What is it?
Thread or spider veins, are very fine dilated veins lying just beneath the surface of the skin. Microsclerotherapy is an effective technique to reduce their appearance with injections. The injected substance, Sclerovein, causes the little veins to shrink and they get absorbed by the body over a period of a few weeks.

What are the risks?
The treatment is carried out in our clinic by our specialist doctor. The initial consultation includes an assessment and Doppler Scan of the area. Our doctor will advise you with regards to the suitability of the treatment for you. You will be also able to find out details about the procedure and the expected results.
Immediately after the treatment you will be given high compression stockings, which you will be asked to wear continuously for several days to support the treatment. Brown discolouration of the skin may appear for up to 3 months. 60 – 70% percent of veins treated at any one session usually disappear.
The treatment may need to be repeated, usually after 6 weeks and most or all vessels treated during the course of micro-sclerotherapy will be removed. However, response differs between patients and you may need form 1 to 4 treatments. It is possible to drive immediately after a treatment and normal exercise can be resumed after 24 hours, including swimming.