Aquabreath Face & Neck Treatments

AQUABREATH Facial Treatment, is a multi-treatment for face and neck with stunning results for rejuvenation and restoring the health of your skin on all levels, giving instant face lift and lasting results. Skin is the first to feel the effects of pollution, toxins, wind and UV rays that create free radicals (charged atoms or molecules ) which are highly reactive and can cause serious damage to the proper functioning of the skin cells.

Natural factors as well as environmental exposure and stress factors also speed up the skin ageing process and speed up the development of damaging free radicals. This results in enzyme loss, reduced collagen, dehydration and gradual decline in elasticity, resilience, tone and texture.

AQUABREATH Facial treatments detox, remove dead skin cells, extract all impurities and hydrate the skin deeply on all levels. This pleasant and unique procedure provides protection and rebuilding of collagen. All AQUABREATH multi treatments have immediate results, work on all skin levels to reverse all kinds of damage, not only improving skin appearance, reducing wrinkles, moisturizing, eliminate acne, but also truly restoring youthful and healthy skin.

SILVER AQUABREATH FACIAL: Multi treatment for rejuvenation, deep moisturization, deep cleansing and detox. Treatments include Hydradermabration| Ultrasonic| Cryo|

GOLD AQUABREATH FACIAL: Treatment for Rejuvenation, deep moisturization, nourishing, regenerating, cleansing and detox. Hydra dermabration| Ultrasonic| RF | Cryo.

FULL BREATH FACIAL: Multi treatment with amazing results for Acne, Marks and Scars from Acne, Pigmentation, Scars, Fine lines and wrinkles. Also deep cleansing and detox. Hydra dermabration| Ultrasound | RF| Cryo| LED Mask.

PLATINUM BREATH FACIAL: Anti-age Facial treatment for deep Cleansing, Detox, Rejuvenation, Toning, Lifting, Whitening, Anti wrinkle. Hydra dermabration | Lifting | Ultrasonic | RF | Cryo | Laser |.

PLATINUM PLUS BREATH FACIAL: ( 90min ) Deep cleansing and detox, Rejuvenation, Toning, Lifting, Whitening, Anti wrinkle. Hydra dermabration | Lifting | Ultrasonic | RF | Cryo | Laser | Collagen Mask I.

All AQUABREATH TREATMENTS are custom made and are:

  • Suitable for all skin Types
  • Immediate visible Results
  • Pleasant experience
  • For specific skin conditions like acne, wrinkles, dehydration, pigmentation
  • Reduces open pores, fine lines and wrinkles