Nose Job Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

Nose Job
Non-surgical Rhinoplasty

What is it?
The non-surgical nose correction with fillers (also called Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty) is a popular alternative to surgery and offers very good results for both men and women. All fillers are absorbable and are injected to add volume, to lift, and to straighten the areas as needed.

The most amazing thing is, that after the procedure, the nose looks not only more straight and lifted, but also smaller. That is because with this type of Liquid Rhinoplasty we achieve a more harmonious appearance by improving the proportions of the nose- and the results can last for a year or longer!

What are the benefits?
It helps re-shape the nose by correcting bumps, uneven areas, flat, or wide noses, and imperfections after previous surgery, and making the nose look straight and slimmer. This procedure means immediate results, no down-time, avoidance of risks associated with surgery and it is so much cheaper as well.

Is it safe?
The procedure is pain-free and usually takes around 15-20 minutes. We use a range of fillers according to each patient’s treatment need. Part of your package is your aftercare and review appointment/s until both you and our team are completely satisfied with the result. Our doctor, Dr Liakas has a great record of fantastic results and the procedure is one of the routine treatments in our clinic.