Face & Body Treatments

Laser Hair Removal Treatments

Try the latest, most advanced, time saving and pain free laser treatments for hair removal and rejuvenation. Our SPLENDOR X by Lumenis is suitable for both men and women, all skin types ( even tanned skin) and all hair colours, with fast and permanent results for hair removal , skin rejuvenation, vascular, rosacea, thread veins and more. The treatment is painless and there is no recovery time needed.


BREATH 2RENEW RF CO2 FACE & BODY uses Fractional RF CO2 Laser technology to deliver superficial energy into the skin, creating tiny white bloated dots of heat – stimulated tissue through the skin layers. This results in an inflammatory response that stimulates new collagen and elastin production. As a result, the thickness and hydration of the dermis and epidermis are improved, which helps achieve a healthier and glowing appearance of the Face and Body.

HIFU Facelift

The revolutionary alternative to a surgical facelift for Skin Tightening and Lifting. High Intensity Focused Ultrasound for face is a non-surgical treatment to lift, tone, and tighten sagging skin around the eyes, face, under the skin, neck area and decollete.

Opatra Skin Analyser

In 20 seconds, the Opatra skin analyser shows spots, pores, moisture, texture, wrinkle, pigmentation, discoloration and all other skin impurities underneath the dermis, allowing for a customized treatment.

Cellulite & Skin Smoothing

PERFECTE’ME SYSTEM provides the closest you can get to surgery led results without going under surgeon’s knife. For the treatment, break down and smoothing of cellulite we combine Cavitation, Radiofrequency, Shockwave, Diode Laser and Lymphatic Drainage Technologies for best results.

HIFU Body Sculpting

Offering non-surgical transformations and results which make you feel and look great, PERFECTE’ME SYSTEM is the best solution for Brazilian buttlifts, fat freezing, body contouring, lifting, skin smoothing & slimming, while BODY HIFU will destroy stubborn pockets of fat anywhere in the body.

Non-Surgical Blepharoplasty

For non-surgical blepharoplasty, we use soft surgery with Plaxpot® which is a revolutionary and patented innovation, opening a new and exciting frontier in the fields of Medical Aesthetics. We are very pleased to be able to offer this technology as the first clinic in Cyprus and the technique is performed by Dr Liakas, our experienced and certified specialist doctor.

Spider Veins Removal Laser Treatment

All common skin conditions of the face and body such as vascular lesions, plain angioma, blue teliangiectasias , nose teliangiectasias, cuperose, hemangioma, leg red superficial vains, spider veins, are treated effectively and permanently in a few sessions.

Aquabreath Face And Neck Treatments

Excellent multi treatment for detox, lifting, for lifting, rejuvenation, wrinkle reduction, cleansing, dead cells removal and more, our treatments will show instant face lift and lasting results with the same results as surgery but without surgery.

Acne, Scars, Pigmentation

We offer a number of non-invasive advanced medical aesthetics procedures for improving the skin tone and appearance and to treat active acne, scars, skin discoloration and pigmentation.

Cryo Fat Freezing

Cryo is a popular non-surgical fat reduction choice for patients who wish to reduce a localised fat bulge that has persisted despite diet and exercise. Also referred to as “CoolSculpting” Cryo is an excellent treatment for men and women to target pockets of fat and to sculpt and shape different areas of the body.