Get Your Hair Back With Stem Cell

Get your hair back with Stem Cell Micro Transplantation

Would you believe that these pictures were taken only 4 weeks apart? The revolution in hair growth is here, in Nicosia, Cyprus, at Breath Medical Aesthetic. With Stem Cell Micro Transplantation we’re giving men and women their hair and their confidence back. You will not believe our eyes when you will see the spectacular results: thicker hair and NEW HAIR! At Breath Medical Aesthetic, you can have this one-off treatment of hair transplantation in half an hour with the use of your own body’s stem cells. We are using this cutting edge treatment to combat hair loss for areas around the temples and the top of the scalp.

What is Hair Micro-Transplantation with Stem Cell Therapy?
Hair Micro-transplantation with Stem Cells is a safe and effective technique to combat androgenic alopecia and other hair loss problems. It is purely natural, without any harmful effects, only using your body’s own tissue and stem cells to improve the skin of the scalp, to increase the density of the existing hair, and to stimulate the re-growth of new hair follicles. This treatment means the end of hair loss and helps the hair return to its usual cycle, stimulating new hair growth and improvement of the existing thickness and density of your hair.
This regenerative system uses the patients’ own tissue (hence the name “autologous auto-transplantation”) obtained from an area of the scalp where the hair is still dense and not affected by baldness, hence in areas where hair follicle cells are still in abundance.
This is usually the area at the occipital region (the back of the head, closest to the neck). The tissues are being filtered, calibrated and mechanically processed in the to harvest the precious stem cells which get then re- implanted in the areas with the thinning hair and hair loss. The process is relatively quick and pain free. A local anaesthetic is injected prior to the procedure. The result of this method is activation of follicles that are towards the end-phase of their life (hence leading to thinning hair) and rendering them to healthier, hair promoting follicles that will produce denser and thicker hair.

What is the down time?
There is no downtime and patients can return immediately to their daily activities. The very little circular marks at the back of the head from where the tissue has been obtained, heal within 7-10 days. Small circular marks can remain but these are usually covered by growing hair and become invisible over time.

How many sessions do I need?
The technique is a one-off session- safe and completely natural, as no foreign materials are being injected, just the patients’ own cells. The whole process promotes the growth of new hair follicles and the first results can be observed within 4-6 weeks, i.e. greater density of hair in the injected areas and thicker hair with new hair growth appearing between 3-7 months. The results are long- lasting and the procedure can be repeated every 2-6 years. The treatment is suitable for both, men and women. It can also be applied to patients who already have had hair implants and/or hair transplant procedures.

It is not a secret anymore, that Stem Cell Micro Transplantation is the future in treating hair thinning and hair loss.
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